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Industry leading plantations


  • A shine of nobility in bluish green needles​

  • Layered, upswept, stiff branches

  • 4-sided Noble's needle that grow close together to ensure superior fullness

  • 藍綠色針葉、高貴優雅

  • 層次分明、朝上、堅固的枝條

  • 非常適合懸掛聖誕裝飾品

Festive and uplifting


  • Natural fragrant

  • Create warm family memories & unique customer experiences

  • Finest Christmas tree money can buy 

  • 天然松香

  • 創造溫暖的家庭回憶及獨特的客戶體驗

  • 最優質的聖誕樹品種

All inclusive price


All-in-one price includes

  • delivery in Hong Kong

  • class leading Christmas tree stands made in the U.S. 

  • Up to one-month expert care and free storage before delivery


  • 香港送貨

  • 美國製造的優質聖誕樹底座

  • 送貨前長達1個月的專業護理和免費存儲

Perhaps the most beautiful Christmas tree... 

All our Noble Fir are imported from top-tier plantations in Oregon, United States. We hand-picked the highest quality Noble Fir with renowned deep blue-green shade, fresh, woodsy fragrance, thick needles on strong sturdy branches that are perfect for heavy ornaments.


我們從美國俄勒岡州頂級的種植商直接進口最高品質的貴族松聖誕樹, 每棵樹都是由人手精心挑選,


Noble Fir

Christmas Tree 2022


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